Sunday, February 15, 2009

More Global Warming Hype

Okay read this:

Then Read This:

Coolest since 2000. And watch the charts. Notice how they go up and down all of the time. It's normal folks.


Adam Lucio said...

I agree. This global warming crap has got to stop....BUT...even if it is true...if it bring more and stronger storms...ill support it lol. I did hear about hte Muncie, IN tornado too...a brief spinup is porbably was a hair outside my target area too! doh!

Michael W. Moss said...

Yeah but keep in mind these loonies that say Global Warming is making more intense storms. If it was TRULY global warming, they would be FAR worse than anything we have ever seen in the last 250 years.

It was likely a tornado no one would have seen unless they were extremely lucky. It was so small and so brief it basically went into the Gustnado catagory.

Speaking of that setup from last week, it's back on the maps this week for Wednesday

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